A Republican Kind of Debate

I missed the Republican debate earlier, but Bryan at Hotair has the usual roundup. The only thing I know about it is that our guys must have behaved themselves. The proprietress of a popular lefty site thinks it’s a conspiracy:

My thoughts: They are all attacking Hillary and I heard no mention of Obama. What does that signify? Also, they are being so polite to each other. Was that pre-arranged to show the difference between them and the Dems?

Yeah, sister. The candidates agreed to knock off all the subtle and not-so-subtle racist squabbles. It’s been such a distraction from the– Oh, wait. That’s your party’s problem.

The Republican candidates don’t need to agree to behave like gentlemen. I’m sure they understand that a lot of voters would rather not see the potential leaders of the free world play “he-said, she-said” on national television. At least, not the shrill version that Clinton and Obama have adopted. And things probably seem a lot calmer on a stage where the outlier is more easily sidelined than Mr. Pick Me! Pick Me!

Of course, a little on-stage courtesy isn’t the only way that our candidates show the difference between themselves and the Democrats. But I like that the first place this Leftist went was “It must be to make the Democrats look bad.” Honey, you do that just fine without our help.

More: A quick glance at the headlines shows that everyone else saw the same thing: “Civility marks Republican debate“, “At Debate on the Economy, Republicans Become Kindest of Candidates“, and “Republican Debate Wrapup: Comity Reigns.”

Maybe I’m wrong and they did agree not to behave like Democrats. What do you think?


~ by Gabriel Malor on January 25, 2008.

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