“He Was Like Us”

The Washington Times’ Stacy McCain has an interview with Roger L. Simon today, which includes some general observations about the blogosphere, but also some discussion of Fred Thompson’s relationship with the blogs. It’s a bit disjointed, but Ace, Allah, Malkin and many other conservative blogs get mentioned, so you might click over to take a look. A taste:

While some conservative bloggers, among them Mrs. Malkin (whose syndicated columns appear in The Washington Times) and Mary Katherine Ham of Townhall.com, are well-known from their appearances as cable-TV news commentators, many of the most popular bloggers operate behind pseudonyms, including PJM affiliates Allahpundit (HotAir.com), Ace of Spades (Ace.mu.nu) and Rusty Shackleford (MyPetJawa.mu).The revelation that Mr. Thompson was a blog reader attracted a lot of support from those excited to discover a Republican candidate who shared their interest.

“He was like us. He was up at night reading Ace or whatever,” Mr. Simon said. “But then when you start running for president, you’ve got about six minutes of free time a day.”

The interview took place last week.


~ by Gabriel Malor on January 24, 2008.

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