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There were several trailers before Cloverfield, and since I’m in the mood, I thought I might mention them briefly.

10,000 B.C.
Warner Bros is really pushing this one heavily; I’ve seen it on TV and billboards all over. It’s CGI intensive and looks to be filmed with super-saturated yellow (in the day scenes; blue at night). It probably cost a fortune and it looks really bad. Playing the trailer in front of every venue from now until March is not going to save it.

It appears to be about a powerful, emotionally charged attempt to unite a nation and overthrow an empire…in the name of love. So, basically, a recycled plot set in prehistory. The leading man’s a looker, but based on his performance in The Covenant, probably can’t carry this one.

You can see the trailer here. Comes out March 7th. That’s the third date to which the movie has been pushed.

The Ruins
Excellent book, which I didn’t realize was being made into a movie. The trailer is creepy. (Pun intended.)

Some vacationers discover an ancient Mayan temple where bad stuff happens to them. Extreme horror warning on this one.

The trailer is here. It comes out sometime in April.

Iron Man
They are playing the same Iron Man trailer that they were in the fall. You know the one that looks like it was put together by an amateur? Too slow; too cheezy; lacks substance. And the fact that they’ve got nothing else to show us does not bode well. This isn’t supposed to be a teaser, this is the official movie trailer.

One of the youths sitting next to us said, “It can’t be as bad as Spider Man 3.” Oh, kiddo, you must be joking.

Same ol’ trailer can be found here. Movie comes out May 2nd.

Star Trek
I will admit that I’ve been waiting on this one. It’s only a teaser and none of the cast make an appearance. For anyone who has been living under a rock, the Star Trek franchise is getting a partial reboot from JJ Abrams and the guys who wrote Transformers. I’m pretty excited.

There isn’t a good version of this available online yet. Basically, we see someone welding something. The camera pulls back and we see many someones welding something big. We hear an old NASA countdown, President Kennedy saying “Our eyes now look to space” (or something), and “the Eagle has landed.” Then Leonard Nemoy’s voice says, “Space, the final frontier.” The starfleet emblem fades in and then the words “Under Construction.” Set to Jerry Goldsmith’s Star Trek theme it works very well.

In theaters Christmas 2008. Several people in the audience cheered for this one. One person yelled, “Faster!”


~ by Gabriel Malor on January 19, 2008.

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