Will This Never End?

/C3PO whine.

Republicans will vote in Michigan on Tuesday and Nevada and South Carolina on Saturday. I’m already mad at voters in both states, and I don’t even know why.

According to the latest polls, Romney and McCain are within the margin in Michigan, but there’s no telling how crossover Democrats will affect the outcome. I think Romney is in make-or-break territory this week, no matter how much money his campaign has left (which may not be much after all). As voters settle in on the big winners, he will only see his numbers sink farther. I suspect his campaign knows it, too. By pulling their ads in South Carolina and Florida, they’ve put all their eggs in one high-risk basket.

South Carolina is a bit of a mystery at the moment. The last reputable poll there was conducted on Wednesday, which means we still haven’t seen how things shook out after the debate in which Fred Thompson woke up. Both Huckabee and Paul took marvelous beatings led by Thompson, which Romney and McCain joined, and that’s bound to show up in the polls which were conducted over the weekend. At last report, Huckabee and McCain were vying for the top spot, and you know which one of those devils I dislike more.

One thing to consider: I’m tired of the primaries, but you can bet that the candidates are ready to fall down and sleep for a month.


~ by Gabriel Malor on January 14, 2008.

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