Golden Globes Cancelled

Well, not cancelled per se. According to Cynthia Littleton at Variety, who is so special she gets her name in the byline twice, the network has decided to “shift the paradigm of the telecast.”

By Monday evening, the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.’s 65th annual kudos had been downscaled from a gala dinner ceremony and live telecast to an hourlong news conference at the Beverly Hilton, to be covered live (taped delayed for the West Coast) by NBC News, with only journos in attendance — and most likely with WGA pickets outside.

The problem was that most of the invited actors, directors, writers, and composers refused to cross the picket lines. The dinner was going to be empty and NBC couldn’t convince the WGA to give them a waiver for the show.

I’m not sure how desperate hausfraus will cope with the winter blues now that they won’t be seeing their favorite starlets all done up for the red carpet. No glitz for the cameras, and no dirty afterparties for TMZ. Actually, I think the ad people are likely to be in worse shape because of the decision; no one is going to sit through an hour long news conference when they can just read through the list on the internet, with accompanying clips and pictures (Hint, hint, any enterprising ‘net media companies; call me).

Honestly, the real reason I linked this piece is to make fun of Ms. Littleton-Littleton. “Shift the paradigm of the telecast.” Really? Is that really what they did? As a few morons noted, “paradigm” should have been on the 2008 list of banished words. People just do not know what it means or how to use it correctly. She gets negative ten thousand points for using it in the same sentence as “shift” since that tells us where she started to go wrong.


~ by Gabriel Malor on January 8, 2008.

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