Clinton’s NH Staff Buy Helmets

Well it’s no wonder Hillary Clinton has been busing supporters from out of state to her New Hampshire rallies. Poor Bill can’t draw a crowd anymore.

Former President Bill Clinton has been drawing sleepy and sometimes smallish crowds at big venues in the state that revived his presidential campaign in 1992. He entered to polite applause and rows of empty seats at the University of New Hampshire on Friday. Several people filed out midspeech, and the room was largely quiet as he spoke, with few interruptions for laughter or applause.

The Clinton campaign has been trying to find a new strategy for New Hampshire ever since her third-place finish in Iowa. Days spent in conference calls reassuring big-name supporters have apparently not helped bring in average-joe voters. “Operation Bill to the Rescue” has flopped as well. And her numbers continue to drop.

A few days before the Iowa caucus, Clinton started pre-spinning her defeat. She knew it was coming and Clintonites started mentioning in every interview that she didn’t need to come in first to win Iowa. I don’t think she can credibly make the same argument with New Hampshire. At some point, she’s going to have to actually win somewhere that matters.

On the other hand, she has more money than her opponents, which means that she can fight on regardless of her low numbers.


~ by Gabriel Malor on January 7, 2008.

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