Clinton Rejects a Message Change

Clinton’s campaign spent the day in damage-control conference calls:

In a flurry of conference calls throughout the day, described by several participants, anxious Clinton advisers agreed to stick to her original message — that only the former first lady has the experience to bring about change. And while they decided to increase the pressure on Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) here, campaign officials were debating how hard to hit him on his experience level in the few short days until the New Hampshire primary.

Outsiders continued to question whether Clinton should have run on a message of inevitability, and some said they had privately urged the campaign to take a more humble approach. “It’s the inevitability thing that’s hurt her so much. There’s an arrogance that comes from the message that ‘I’m inevitable,’ ” said a Clinton supporter and White House veteran, speaking on the condition of anonymity. [I can’t imagine why…]

Just as the Clinton team sought to reassure staff members Thursday night, top campaign advisers — including former president Bill Clinton — convened a conference call Friday morning to soothe members of Congress who have endorsed her campaign.

The message to the lawmakers was that the campaign will tweak the message to focus on equal parts experience and how to effect change. “It requires experience to bring change,” Howard Wolfson, Clinton’s top communications adviser, told the lawmakers, according to one participant in the call.

But, according to two people who listened to the former president and the aides, the Clinton team is also trying to dramatically play down the importance of the caucuses’ result, contending it was a home-turf win for Obama since he hails from a neighboring state.

A little more of this and she’s going to start losing folks. I’m probably too gleeful about it than is warranted at this stage. But, really, it couldn’t happen to a nicer ladywhatever.


~ by Gabriel Malor on January 4, 2008.

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