Burns: Abramoff Investigation Closed

In 2006, legacy media and lefty blogs went wild over the Jack Abramoff scandals. In fact, in addition to the Iraq War, congressional scandal was one of the top issues on the minds of voters that year, and Department of Justice investigations were tearing through senators’ offices.

The senator from Montana, Conrad Burns, was one target of the Abramoff investigation. On Wednesday, he announced that the DOJ has dropped the investigation; no criminal charges will be filed.

Burns said, “I understand that politics is a contact sport and what sustained me through this was my unyielding faith in the system.” He also added that, “during this era of political character assassination used for pure political gain, I hope good men and women will continue to step forward and serve. Phyllis and I are enjoying our new life in Montana and Washington, DC with our family and friends. We shall be eternally grateful for their unwavering support and faith.”[…]

Montana State University-Billings Political Science Professor Craig Wilson said Burns lost his Senate seat by a paper-thin margin. “If this would’ve been known prior to the election, it could have changed the outcome,” said Dr. Wilson.

I’ll say. Burns was a three-term incumbent in 2006. He lost by only 3,562 votes out of 400,000 cast, a difference of less than a percentage point.

All is not lost, Kos Kids. The WaPo article on this helpfully points out that three Republican congressmen are still being investigated (Doolittle, Feeney, DeLay).


~ by Gabriel Malor on January 4, 2008.

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  1. High ranking state and federal Republican officials in Alabama are above the law; Bush has instructed his new Attorney General appointee not to investigate corruption in Alabama.

    The GOP is deeply involved in the Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon scandal. Lobbyist Jack Abramoff who was a major GOP campaign fund raiser has almost 400 recorded visits to the White House. The documented prison confessions by these two along with these White House records have recently been declared secret by Bush and is being withheld by the White House. Abramoff and Lobbyist Scanlon con over sixty million dollars from the six Indian tribes that ran gambling Casinos. Abramoff also arranged secret meetings for foreign businesses and governments with the White House where Bush granted government and military favors in exchange for major campaign contributions to Bush supporters.

    Now the GOP in Alabama has to depend on T. Roth and W. Canary to deal with the Choctaw Indians directly. The Choctaws aren’t the only ones that they are using scare tactics on. The GOP depends on contributions from large businesses in return for political favors. They also depend on kickbacks from military/government contractors. Some contractors in Alabama are charging tax payers as much as 80% over costs.

    -We will support our present U.S. Republican senators, our U.S. Republican congressmen and our Republican governor.
    -We will support our high ranking Republican judges, our Republican attorney generals and our three republican newspapers owned by Newhouse/Advance Publications, Inc. that persecutes and prosecutes those darn Democrats that keeps getting in the way.

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