Demented Christmas Carols

In the category “Oversensitive Sissy-Pantses”: Mental Health Charity Sparks Outrage With Spoof Christmas Carols. Patients and staff at the Cromwell House mental health facility put together a quarterly magazine cleverly called “Marooned.” The most recent issue contained this list:

Demented Carols
Of course, somebody had to get all offended and demand that the magazine be recalled and pulped. She says that the funny carols “belittle” mental patients. This is in the UK, so of course the mental health facility immediately caved. “In the civilised world, you see, we take great pains not to offend anyone. Etc. etc.”

I think the folks at the crazy-place deserve props for some hilarious song names and for titling their list “Other Non-PC Tunes.” How obvious could they get that this was a joke? On the other hand, they clearly anticipated that the Political Correctness Police would be on their case.


~ by Gabriel Malor on December 21, 2007.

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  1. There’s a battle brewing in the UK especially motivated by the mental health (MH) Charities such as MIND and RETHINK (and a few others) to gain the moral credibility to represent what is acceptable in mental health “anti-stigma” terms – the real engine for all this and the shape of the the MH Charities though is not the fact that so many patients get no choices of treatment but the prospect of the Charities getting huge grants and living on and alongside policies they both influence and can furnish with funds from their London connections in the lottery networks …

    When you are in the know you’ll find the same names cropping up across years in incestuous networks of for instance civil servants who worked for the Dept Of Health who left to run Sainsbury’s Centre For Mental Health (national MH Charity) who use workers to second in to the DWP to drive work driven “recovery” ideas but who don’t give much of a thought for “Patient Choice” being the driver of a modern NHS ….

    The deeper you examine everything around their networks the more you see the MH Charities as dishonest and self serving the closer they have got to Govt and the politics of MH services on the cheap….Users across the UK are becoming turned on to the games the MH Charities are playing . Next year Mental Health Foundation and Mental Health Media (more of the brotherhood of “they who know best”) will be looking for cases to prosecute – they have already made this known …So woe betide anyone who “stigmatises” themselves by taking the piss out of their “nuttishness”…I cannot wait to take them on since I am a satirist amongst other things ..

    Merryhap to you …

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