Eunuchs in Congress

Via Himself-Himself, I saw that Congress’ approval ratings have sunk to a new low. The meaty numbers include some interesting favorables for the presidential candidates. But that’s not what caught my eye; this did:

Donald Will, 64, of Stuart, Fla., a self-described liberal, gave poor ratings to both sides in the poll.”I personally feel we’ve lost control of our government,” he said. “The president is going about his business as if he was a monarch. And to be in Congress, you basically have to be a eunuch.”

Just ignore the King George “reality-based” faux-nightmares of the self-described liberal. Instead, tell me what he’s talking about when he says that Congressfolk have to be eunuchs. Is he trying in some highbrow jargon to say that they’ve got no stones?


~ by Gabriel Malor on December 18, 2007.

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  1. To a libtard, refusing to impeach Bush means they have no stones .. er, are eunuchs.

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