YouTube, a “Terrible Thing”

Via Instapundit, I came across this idiotic post at Extreme Mortman.

His idea is that YouTube is a bad thing because it may make politicians more careful about what they say in public. No, really:

…politicians will surely become even more guarded than ever before. And that’s a terrible thing. We will have more robotic candidates and politicians — more talking points, more platitudes, more stay-on-message public encounters. And far less fun. All in fear of the YouTube upload.Savor what we’ve got. Because by learning more now, we may learn far less real soon.

Y’know, I think that maybe newspapers cause the same problem. And cable news, it’s killing those unscripted moments from candidates. By keeping them on-message all the time, we never learn who they really are.

What a “terrible thing” that instantaneous scrutiny of politicians leads them to clean up their acts.


~ by Gabriel Malor on November 26, 2007.

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