More That I Missed

You’ll appreciate this story from Emil Steiner’s OFF/beat blog at WaPo:

Six California high-school cheerleaders who flashed their bloomers during a halftime performance were suspended last week. But not for showing their underwear: According to school officials, they were suspended for not telling their coaches they were going to show their underwear — and then for refusing to leave the stadium after their routine.

And here’s the routine that got them in trouble:

Poor quality, I know. That routine was tame compared to my high school’s cheer and dance teams. Hell, the Dallas Cowboys are tame compared to my high school’s teams.

And here’s an absurd idea: auction off a used can of bugspray as “MLB memorabilia.”

I still think this game is boring. Now maybe if we drop hives of killer bees on the dugout or something…

~ by Gabriel Malor on November 26, 2007.

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