Battlestar Galactica: Razor Discussion

Here’s my act-by-act take on BSG’s latest. It was part of an open thread I started over at Ace’s but I’d like to keep it where I can get at it later.

Warning: Here there be spoilers.







Okay, just finished it out here on the West Coast. My first thoughts:

Act I.
Another officer XO with a substance abuse problem? Boy that story’s getting old. Shaw’s first job = Gaeta’s? Cain’s first XO (Bell?) was young, cute, and married apparently. Really young for an XO, I’d think.

Cain rocks, as expected. I very much liked her in Season 2. I like that she still has her hardness, but before the attack had some unexpected levity and warmth. Michelle Forbes is doing a great job.

Act II.
Investigating a supernova remnant? In Season 2? That’s odd; this isn’t the Enterprise-D, y’know? Why would they be investigating burnt out stars that early?

The music is much heavier with the East Asian influence; more like the last three episodes of Season 3 — not just the taiko, but now with a new string motif. I almost wish they’d reached back to the musical themes they were using in Season 2; to place the episode in the right time period.

A lot of character development for Shaw in here. Why a new character now? The ensemble cast wasn’t big enough without Three & Ellen?

Act III.
Woohoo. Hot lesbian cylon sex. I’ve been waiting on that gay character that Moore promised. He said he didn’t want to do a “gay episode” and would just drop it in and move along. I’d say that was made pretty easy since Cain is dead.

They’re getting a little heavy-handed with the musical cues now. I was rather hoping the XO would have died over something a little bigger than some dumb attack. I guess we’re supposed to focus on how much more of a monster that makes Cain. It makes a good Step 1 for her descent; I rather expected the Gina revelation to put her on that path.

Act IV.
The visual effects are not great here; I didn’t notice until the centurions boarded, but they’ve been shabby throughout now that I think about it.

I love that Gina hesitates when she has the gun on Cain in the command salon. That has always been a weakness with her model; she falls for her targets. Too much love.

Hey, there’s collared-Sharon. Where’s Helo? I don’t like how they just dragged Sharon out of her cell so she can spout exposition. Her “Cylon bed-time story” isn’t necessary as anything more than an excuse for Adama to flashback. It was unnecessary and clunky. And it’s difficult to fit it into the Season 2 storyline. If I’m not mistaken, that was right after her baby died; she wasn’t in too much of a helpful mood then.

Good job regressing Colonial tech and dress for the Adama flashback. VFX may have sucked, but the costume department deserves an emmy.

Act V.
And Commander/Admiral Adama ego takes over. He’s going along for the ride? Like that will end well. And like that ever should actually happen.

So Shaw is the fifth of the final five? What does that make “Special Destiny” Thrace?

Act VI.
So are we to believe that the final five have been hearing that artifact on the radio since before New Caprica?

Thrace is so happy to have discovered Shaw in the mess. I love that goofy grin. It’s nice to see some of these characters in their pre-New Caprica days.

Wow, the makeup on Cain in the scene in her office is super-heavy. She’s pale, grotesque with over-dark eyeliner. Did they mean for her to look like that? Maybe it was the light? I mean we’re moving towards Return-of-the-Jedi Emperor degeneration, here.

Act VII.
Is that a red-shirt I see clipped to Mathiason, Shaw, and Thrace? Hey, and a wise-guy marine named Hudson. Is that an Aliens reference?

I’m getting a real Borg vibe from the research ship. The Borg like I always wanted to see them. And Shaw pulls a Picard on that poor ensign D’Silva. Nice.

Adama can’t just sit and let his son be in charge. Oh, but he’ll force him to decide to order his sister to her death. What a jerk.

Hmm. Psychic cylons? A lucid Hybrid-God. That’s going to take getting used to. Especially since it makes a mockery of the Cylon religion, which is one of my favorite bits of this show.

Okay, so she wasn’t one of the final five? Or can we expect her again? I thought that tuning the radio sound was something. I haven’t read spoilers so I don’t know.

Ugh. I really do dislike Commander/Admiral Adama. Moralizing windbag. Where’s an Eight when I need one?


~ by Gabriel Malor on November 25, 2007.

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