Lohan Does 84 Minutes

I saw this on Friday, but decided to take the weekend off. It’s still worth a comment. Lindsay Lohan did the single-day L.A. County Correctional facility massage and meditation treatment last week.

Lindsay Lohan was a jailbird for just 84 minutes Thursday, becoming the latest celebrity to serve less than a day for a drunken driving offense.Lohan, 21, turned herself in to the Los Angeles County women’s detention center in Lynwood at 10:30 a.m. She was searched, fingerprinted and placed in a holding cell in the inmate reception area but got to keep her street clothes, sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

The sheriff’s office insists that this is normal and that Lohan did not receive any special treatment. He emphasized the non-violent nature of Lohan’s offense.

UPDATE: Mike Tyson was just sentenced to one day in jail for possession of cocaine and driving under the influence. I wonder if his time will be reduced to 84 minutes for good behavior, too.

“I take responsibility for my actions,” Tyson told Superior Court Judge Helene Abrams in an almost inaudible voice before she handed down the sentence.Tyson, who will begin serving his jail time Tuesday morning, left the courthouse without speaking to reporters.

Tyson had faced a possible maximum sentence of four years and three months in prison. Prosecutor Shane Krauser had recommended one year in prison Monday, saying that Tyson was a multiple offender who previously had been convicted of a violent crime and that only now has he sought treatment for his drug addiction.

“Judge, by my calculations, this is his fourth or fifth chance,” Krauser said.


~ by Gabriel Malor on November 19, 2007.

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