Teacher Kills Raccoon With Nail Gun… At School!

My high school biology teacher was never this cool (even though she let me dissect a pregnant cat, it was already dead when it got to me).

Superintendent Alvin Lievsay said a student’s parent promised to bring in a raccoon for the exercise, but surprised teacher Jerick Hutchinson by bringing the animal in a live trap. Lievsay said Hutchinson, “who used to work in a slaughter house,” took the animal outside to the back of his truck Friday and shot it with the nail gun. Lievsay said no students witnessed the raccoon’s death.”He used the nail gun to, as they say, to dispatch the animal,” Lievsay said. “It wasn’t like he held a nail gun against the head of a cute little animal in front of the class.”



~ by Gabriel Malor on November 15, 2007.

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