Dems Are Sad about Iraq

Politico reports on Democratic failure when it comes to fulfilling the promises made about the Iraq War. I’m not very concerned with the Election 2008 consequences; it’s not like a disaffected Lefty is going to vote Republican, although it may lead some on the Far Left to sit out.

I’m more interested in the impression that Democrats are blinking in bewilderment, wondering what the hell happened:

Democrats plan to spend the December recess reviewing their strategy and determining if they missed opportunities to put limitations, even if they were smaller than war activists were demanding, on Bush’s war policies.Some Democratic strategists are warning that congressional leaders are “muddling through” with a strategy that carries both political and military risks for the party.

After their mid-term election sweep, Democrats let themselves think that war policy would magically conform itself to their wishes. They forgot (1) they do not have an overwhelming majority in Congress or among the public; (2) Congress does not directly control war policy; (3) the Iraq War wasn’t lost yet; and (4) Republicans, including President Bush, weren’t just going to give up.

Their forgetfulness led to their indignation when President Bush, fresh from Election 2006 announced the surge strategy change. They had enough focus to axe Attorney General Gonzales, but then turned on each other when it came time to replace him. Politico reports that Democrats have passed forty bills attempting to place limits on the Iraq War. All but one failed; that one was vetoed.

I think Republicans were in a funk for most of the spring and summer this year. But we’ve seen many successes this fall. As the primaries get closer, a change in attitude will translate to election gold.

Huh. I guess I was pretty concerned about the Election 2008 consequences after all.


~ by Gabriel Malor on November 13, 2007.

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