Pro-life Club Allowed at Highschool

This was on the front page of the Washington Post today with the headline “Teen Wins Fight for Antiabortion Club at School.”

With prayer, persistence and a lawsuit against the Stafford County schools, the 16-year-old recently succeeded in starting what might be the region’s only antiabortion club in a public high school. The Pro-Life Club, which attracted about 20 people to its first gathering, also promotes teen sexual abstinence as well as opposing abortion. Hoffmeier said her legal fight was a matter of equity.

These kinds of clubs always made me uncomfortable when I was in high school. And I was a pretty hard-core Catholic (still am pretty Catholic, just not like in highschool).

But I’m pleased to see news like this getting widespread attention. Too many people are confused as to what activities schools can prohibit.


~ by Gabriel Malor on November 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “Pro-life Club Allowed at Highschool”

  1. I guarantee this is a ploy by catholic charities to find pregnant teens so they can coerce them for their baby.

    They are selling them in some states for over $100,000-

    They have billboards up on Centreville, Virginia saying, “pregnant and need help”

  2. Wow. You’re just a big ol’ bag of crazy, aren’t you?

  3. Gabriel,

    Am I?

    I think you know very well I speak the truth.

    If not – you are in ga ga land.

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