Waterboarding Hypocrites

Yesterday, Drew wrote about Democrats giving AG-nominee Mukasey a hard time about waterboarding even though they failed to prohibit it when they had the chance. Today, Andy McCarthy at the Corner notes the “nuanced” approach taken by prominent Democrats on the same question:

Clinton, Clinton, Obama and Schumer. They have all, to a greater or lesser degree, embraced the concept of coercive interrogation (some, even torture ā€” which is unquestionably illegal), and they have all underscored the excruciating complexity of this issue. Somehow, they are fit to lead the Democratic Party but the suitability of Mukasey ā€” who has taken a more measured stance ā€” to be attorney general is in doubt? What am I missing here?

What he’s missing is that Democratic voters are willing to forgive all manner of double-talk so long as the hypocrite has a (D) behind his name.


~ by Gabriel Malor on November 2, 2007.

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