Most Influential Conservatives

Purple Avenger posted yesterday on the Telegraph’s “Most Influential Liberal” list. Today, they’ve got the conservatives listed.

The top pick will frustrate many (although it is just the Telegraph, y’know?):

1. RUDY GIULIANI Republican presidential candidateThe clear Republican front runner and perhaps the only party nominee who could beat Hillary Clinton in 2008, Giuliani makes the top of our list despite his unorthodox brand of conservatism that is anathema to many on the Christian Right. Before 9/11, a thrice-married New Yorker in favour of abortion and gay rights and gun control would have struggled to survive the early stages of a Republican nomination battle despite his tax cutting and crime fighting credentials. But even many Christian conservatives who disagree with the former New York mayor on social issues now view national security as their number one priority.

Next come General Petraus and Matt Drudge. I was surprised to see Chief Justice Roberts in the top 10. President Bush, at twenty-first place, is beat by the likes of Vice President Cheney, SecState Rice, Laura Ingraham, and Governor Haley Barbour.

And then we learn that the list is crap. Andrew Sullivan is number 33.


~ by Gabriel Malor on November 2, 2007.

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