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I don’t have time to give these stories the full treatment, but thought you might be interested in them anyways.

First, Dave at Garfield Ridge pointed me to this David Ignatius column which blames the declining performance of government on Congressional failure to pass timely budgets.

The column’s central feature is the “continuing resolution” which he calls “an obscure facet of federal budgeting.” The CR is only about as obscure as another important legislative procedure, cloture, which is to say that if you’ve been paying attention at all during the last few years, you’ve heard of it and it’s no surprise. If you’ve been entertaining yourself all this time with fantasies of the fall of President McHitlerBurton, you missed it. Legacy media is just catching up.

Also, I question whether government performance has in fact declined in the past twenty years or whether we only feel like it has.

Second, Matthew Margolis & Mark Noonan have filed a complaint with the FEC about Clinton’s shady fundraising.

Third, 21-year old Ashley Olsen was seen making out with Lance Armstrong in a NYC bar. He’s 36. Two thoughts: (1) I didn’t think he swung that way; and (2) if it was okay for Ashton and Demi, it’s okay for Ashley and Lance.

Fourth, Joss Whedon has announced the details of his new TV series, Dollhouse, starring hottie Eliza Dushku. It sounds trippy.


~ by Gabriel Malor on November 1, 2007.

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