Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules on Lawyers and Three-ways

Here’s the situation as far as I can tell.* The lawyer (male), the client (male), and the client’s girlfriend have a three-way in which the lawyer and the client both screw the girlfriend, but have no sexual contact with each other other than watching each other do the deed.

The lawyer then gets sued for a violation of the bar’s ethics code which prohibits having sexual relations “with a current client.” So when does a three-way not count as sex? The Wisconsin Supreme Court says “when the fellas don’t actually touch”

there was no evidence that Attorney Inglimo and L.K. engaged in sexual intercourse or intentionally touched each other’s intimate parts.

*I’m sharing this with you because it involves lawyers and three-ways, two topics which always make me think of Ace’s. I spotted it first at Professor Volokh’s place.

~ by Gabriel Malor on October 25, 2007.

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