Giuliani on Illegal Immigration (Update)

Rudy Giuliani must have been on fire at that townhall meeting in Davenport. In addition to his impressive answers about torture, he made some serious boasts about illegal immigration.

Rudy Giuliani said Wednesday that if elected president he would end illegal immigration in as few as three years by employing the same police tactics he used to reduce the crime rate as New York mayor.”It can be done. It is not impossible,” Giuliani told his audience at a town hall-style meeting. “You can do this, you can stop them at the border.”

It sounds like he wants to increase the number of CPB agents and deploy a fence, although his fence is the “technological monitoring” idea that I have no confidence in. Giuliani also wants to reform the employment authorization programs by instituting a “tamper-proof ID.”

UPDATE: Over at ImmigrationProf Blog, Kevin Johnson notes that Giuliani has been scooping up strong anti-illegal immigration Republican lawyers for his advisors group:

[Unsuccessful senate candidate Jan] Ting is working on the campaign of Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani. Delaware On-line reports that “Under attack from his GOP rivals for being soft on illegal immigration, Giuliani has tapped Ting and other anti-illegal immigration stalwarts for his campaign’s immigration advisory board — a move that many expect will boost his standing with hard-line Republicans concerned about the former New York City mayor’s abortion- and gay-rights stances. Giuliani was familiar with Ting’s U.S. Senate bid in 2006, when Ting ran on an anti-immigration platform, said Jeffrey Barker, spokesman for the Giuliani campaign.”


~ by Gabriel Malor on October 25, 2007.

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