Jimmy Carter Has the Power

The former president is in Sudan trying to use kind words to disarm the genocidal militias. He got in a decidedly un-presidential shouting match with his security monitor when the monitor told Carter to stick with the agreed-upon program. Said Carter:

“We’re going to anyway! You don’t have the power to stop me.”

Carter is part of a group calling themselves “The Elders” which wants to insert themselves into the peace process which will begin soon in Libya. I was particularly amused by this portion of The Elders’ mission statement:

We do not want to raise anyone’s hopes by this visit. Over long lives, we have come to understand that we cannot make all the things happen that we want, but we have also learned that if we work together and if we have moral force at our back, that we can sometimes do more than we think.

Mission accomplished.


~ by Gabriel Malor on October 3, 2007.

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