Recount: An Election 2000 TV Movie?

Kevin Spacey, Dennis Leary, Laura Dern, and Ed Begley Jr. have all signed on to make a “political drama” about the 2000 election. The TV movie is called “Recount” and will air next year.

The political drama, set to start shooting next month, will trace the story behind the acrimonious ballot recounts in Florida at the end of the 2000 race between Democrat Gore and then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush, a Republican.

Spacey will play Gore’s chief of staff and head lawyer. Dern is going to play Katherine Harris. Leary will be a Dem pollster and Begley will be another Dem lawyer. British actor Tom Wilkinson will play Republican James Baker.

“Move on” is just not in these people’s vocabulary, is it?


~ by Gabriel Malor on September 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “Recount: An Election 2000 TV Movie?”

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  2. You’re right… it’s better if we completely forget about a massive injustice that cost us our national democracy and international respectability.

    Let’s be adults and just forgive and forget, huh?

  3. As ever, hysteria reigns.

    “Cost us our national democracy?” How so? You’re just mad because you lost. You can’t actually point to law that supports your position.

    “Cost us our international respectability?” Wha? You might have missed it, but France still works with us on the Iran problem, Britain sorted out Libya, China and Russia still came to the table with us and North Korea. I’m not seeing a whole lot of negative effect from Election 2000.

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