Tennessee Idiocy on Illegal Immigrant Rights Continues

A few weeks ago I shared the news that immigrants have no rights in this country, according to a Tennessee county judge. Now, the Blount County Commission follows Judge Young into idiocy. I’ll explain, but first let me catch you up.

The details are still a little unclear about what happened in Judge Dale Young’s courtroom on September 7th. We know that Ana Calixto was seeking an order of protection from her husband when Judge Young dismissed her petition. Calixto and the husband are in the middle of divorce proceedings and Calixto claims to have filed reports of domestic violence in the past.

Then things get a little murky. Calixto and unnamed witnesses claim that Young asked her and her husband what their immigration status was before telling her to “Go back to Nicaragua” and kicking her case out of court. Calixto claims to be here legally with TPS status, having received her most recent DHS approval on August 8. Since no one’s mentioned the husband except to say he’s from Mexico, I think it’s reasonable to assume that he’s here illegally.

These claims are being met with silence from the judge and his office. Apparently, it was standard practice not to have a transcript of proceedings in Judge Young’s courtroom, so no record of what was said exists.

Last week, the Tennessee Court of the Judiciary began an investigation into Judge Young’s conduct. The Court of the Judiciary investigates and disciplines judges for misconduct on the bench. The start of an investigation shouldn’t be viewed as proof of wrongdoing, but it does emphasize that this type of thing is taken seriously, at least when it makes the papers.

Here’s where the Blount County Commission shamefully misses the point and perpetuates the idiocy of Judge Young. At their regular meeting last week, the commissioners voted on a motion to endorse Judge Young’s refusal to hear Calixto’s petition. That motion has been “tabled” for the time being, but for all the wrong reasons:

“I want to personally commend his stand,” Samples said, adding that he had heard her legal status was in doubt. “She did not meet the test of law … My stand is that is a question about illegal immigration. Judge Young stands for what the majority of Blount Countians stand for.”Commissioner Wendy Pitts Reeves, who talked about working with victims of domestic violence in her job as a counselor, said she understood there are strong feelings about illegal immigration in the county, but that, to her knowledge, Ana Calixto was a legal resident.

Until I see otherwise, I can’t support this,” Reeves said. “The newspaper said she was a legal resident.”

“While I support Judge Young’s decision, it’s hard for me to vote on anything when I don’t have all the facts,” [Commissioner] French said.

If she’s not an illegal immigrant, I can’t support this,” [Commissioner] Murrell said.

All of these people miss what should be obvious: a person’s immigration status is irrelevant for purposes of determining standing to seek an order of protection. It is similarly irrelevant for purposes of making civil suits or seeking other judicial remedies.

Assuming for a minute that Calixto is an illegal immigrant (as unlikely as that may be), do these people actually think that illegals can get no protection from the courts? Is a victim of domestic abuse to be left out in the cold because she’s an illegal? I doubt very much that the “majority of Blount Countians” would support prohibiting a victim of domestic abuse from seeking protection from the courts. Can that be true?

I’m curious how far these people think we can stretch their newfound relegation of illegals to subhuman standards of justice? If I assault an illegal immigrant, do you think they’ll prevent the illegal from suing me for damages? What if I enslave one?

~ by Gabriel Malor on September 24, 2007.

4 Responses to “Tennessee Idiocy on Illegal Immigrant Rights Continues”

  1. There is no question that Judge Young made a bad decision in how he handled this case. Ms. Calixto is entitled to protection.

    Living in Blount County and knowing sources close to this case, there is a high probability that the husband is here illegally and that Judge Young was either aware of this or had a reasonable suspicion at least. My real question is, if this is the case, why Mr. Calixto was not immediately turned over to ICE for deportation.

    Without getting into whether or not we should reform the immigration laws, I feel that all laws should be enforced. There were plenty of law enforcement officers during prohibition that enforced the anti-alcohol laws. It is not the place of a Judge, police officer, or state or federal agent to decide which laws to enforce and which not to. Once our legislature has enacted a law it should be enforced. Even at the level of the Supreme Court our system has gone haywire. The highest court in the land takes it upon itself to, in effect, write laws even though its authority is only to determine the Constitutionality of the law.

    We need to return to our system of checks and balances, we need for those within the justice system to do their jobs and be held accountable when they don’t (as the Judiciary review should do with Judge Young). If we don’t like something we should change it through our legislature in the manner described by the Constitution.

  2. Click to access courtdoc.pdf

    Another of this Judge’s cases comes to light.

  3. The law IS the law. altough she does deserve protectiion from an abuser, Wouldn’t it be beneficial to Her And him and better yet OUR quality of life to have them both deported and to habdel this WITH their HOMEland Laws, THIS WOULDNT TIE UP OUR COURTS. Perhaps actually save some taxpayer dollars.I decendant from immagrants that became Legal citizens. Am i wrong to Expect that from the 12 pluse million here and more to come? I, my self have grandchildren that Are Legal…. I expect they will feel the same way, if this country were to become a Spanish(national language) Speaking country. Dora the explorer, doesnt cut it to become Fluent, nor are there any other resources to teach any Other Languages. This country was first invaded by the English.. The pretty much destroyed the american Indian. therefore ewnglish wins by Default.. Is Spainish next and in the same manner? I propose. We declare Victory in Iraq, bring home our troops, and have a Human fence at both borders and just pick off any one trying to sneak into our Beloved Country by sniper As a part of HOMELAND SECURITY.

  4. Now everyone from the Mayor and city officials have followed the judge and the commission down the road of confusion…


    Keep going until you get to the audio and listen for yourself.

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