Obama Chastized for “Acting Like He’s White”

Reverend Jesse Jackson (apparently he’s still around?) criticised Senator Barack Obama during a South Carolina interview on Tuesday for “acting like a white man” with regard to the “Jena Six.”

If you (like me) missed all the hubbub about the “Jena Six,” apparently six black students were charged for the racially motivated assault of a white student in December of 2006. Five of the six were originally charged with attempted murder, a rather outrageous treatment for a school-yard brawl, even in Louisiana. One of the six was controversially tried as an adult. His conviction has recently been overturned.

The situation has become something of an important cause in the black community. However, the fact that a news-phile like me can remember hearing nothing about it is not good.

Jackson later said he couldn’t remember making the remark. He obviously wasn’t thinking of white men like David Bowie, who just today gave £5,000 to the Jena Six Legal Defense Fund operated by the NAACP.

To steal some words from Obama: Jackson is one of the reasons “we still have a lot of work to do as a nation to heal our racial tensions.”


~ by Gabriel Malor on September 19, 2007.

One Response to “Obama Chastized for “Acting Like He’s White””

  1. Jackson can be a fool sometimes. Obama has been front-and-center in standing up for the Jena Six more than any other Democrat, and he’s the one I’ll support in 2008. I don’t have a good feeling on the other Dems now like Dodd, Richardson or Gravel. Edwards I kinda like but he doesn’t have Obama’s magic. Hillary Clinton I can’t stand, she’s just a tool of the corporate elite and wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to sell out African-Americans if she thought this could get her more donations from fat-cat executives. I would never vote for her even if nominated– I’d still vote for Dems for the House and Senate, but if the Dems get stupid and pick Hillary, then they might as well start waiting for 2012 cuz we are not voting for her. (At least maybe we’ll get something like a true Democrat for the 2012 election.) That’s how it is.

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