U.S. Flag Banned at North Carolina High School

PC Administrators have run amok at Hobbton High School. Students are prohibited from wearing items with flags from any country, including the U.S.

The school created the new rule because of controversy around students wearing flags from other countries (my guess is Mexico). The dunderbrained superintendent says that all flags were banned so administrators wouldn’t have to “pick and chose” which flags to allow.

The story came to light on Tuesday when a student honoring 9/11 was asked to remove her Stars and Stripes t-shirt.

Here’s a hint for school administrators; this one’s okay:

U.S. Flag

Incidentally, I’m not supportive of banning the display of any flags at schools unless absolutely necessary to prevent substantial disruption of pedagogical activities at the school.

UPDATE: The ban has already been rescinded.


~ by Gabriel Malor on September 13, 2007.

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