Hsu Roundup: Out of Hospital; $4 Million Bail; A Suicide Note; Other Campaigns React

Plenty of Norman Hsu news this morning.

First, he’s been transfered from St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction to the Mesa County Jail. At his arraignment tomorrow, the DA will ask for at least a $4 million bond. I assume that the judge will also be collecting his passport.

Next, the Wall Street Journal reports that Hsu sent a suicide note by FedEx to several people and organizations, including the Innocence Project which immediately contacted the California Attorney General. Apparently, the note was sent the same morning that Hsu decided to go to the train station instead of the courthouse.

Perhaps this explains Hsu’s condition on the train.

Third, the other campaigns are reacting to Clinton’s (alleged) return of bundled donations. As I predicted on Sunday, the other campaigns are following Clinton’s lead on this. Each is inspecting its contributions to weed out bundled donations with a Hsu connection.

And finally, we know that the Clinton campaign wasn’t too competent when it came to checking Hsu before he gave them money. It looks like they’re taking extra special care before they have to give money back:

Clinton’s staff spent Tuesday rechecking records to ensure that all of those on the initial list of Hsu’s 260 contributors were in fact questionable donations that needed to be returned. “It’s possible that the number will shrink,” Wolfson said.


~ by Gabriel Malor on September 13, 2007.

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  1. Norman Hsu got on a chartered jet with his passport. Typed a suicide letter and sent it to numerous charities and acquaintances, then boarded a train in order to have some much needed privacy for hsuicide.

    Pretty much a textbook suicide case so far…

    Just a few points about the missing 40 million…

    1. Hsu told Source Financial the money was to manufacture clothes for Gucci & Prada in China. Neither company manufactures any items in China, ever.

    2. Source Financial never noticed that Hsu’s businesses didn’t exist before loaning him money. They also failed to check his background, or look for a factory in China connected to Hsu.

    3. Source Financial was accepting checks post dated by 135 days as payment on their huge loans to Hsu.

    4. Source Financial employees are also big Hillary donors.

    5. Hillary set aside 1 million dollars of taxpayer money for a “Woodstock” museum. The head of Source Financial was a major Woodstock promoter and also a long time Clinton friend.

    6. It took 2 weeks for the head of Source Financial to realize there might be some kind of connection between his company, Clinton, and Hsu.

    7. One of the recipients of Hsu’s suicide note googled the term “Hsu Suicide” BEFORE anyone knew where he was or what he was doing – according to Michelle Malkin.

    These are just a few of the latest strange facts in this case

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