UT Fan Gets Sixty Stitches…

…in his crotch! Brian Christopher Thomas (the man with three first names?) walked into Henry Hudson’s Pub in Oklahoma City wearing a Longhorns t-shirt. One of the Sooner animals (they’re not really people, trust me) grabbed him by the crotch and pulled him to the floor. (Insert gay Sooner joke here.)

Other bar patrons had to break it up, but not before Thomas sustained a wound that required sixty stitches to close. The Sooner animal, who turns out to be a church deacon actually pled “Not guilty.” As usual, the consensus among Sooners is that he deserved it for wearing a UT shirt in “Sooner country.”

At the moment, the case is at he-said/he-said stage. But I’ve been to Norman; I’m leaning toward the Texas fan.

I was actually planning on braving orange-throwing Sooners and going to the bedlam game in Norman the day after Thanksgiving. We’ll see.

UPDATE:  HotAir now has a link to a more complete version of the story at FoxNews.


~ by Gabriel Malor on September 12, 2007.

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