Tennessee Judge: Immigrants Have No Rights Here

County Circuit Court Judge W. Dale Young is a bonafide jerk.* He’s got two people in his courtroom, they are married, but the woman is looking for an order of protection from her husband.

Instead of examining the merits of Anna Calixto’s petition, Young asked the husband and wife about their immigration status. The woman, at least, had some immigration papers. But that wasn’t enough for the judge. He allegedly told her “Go back to Nicaragua.” He didn’t bother to rule on her petition for protection.

Calixto immigrated in 1994 to attend school and find a job. She claims to have a work permit from DHS. But this is beside the point.

Does Judge Young actually believe that the courts of this country are helpless to rule on the cases of people standing in his very room? Calixto is not asking for a handout, she’s asking for protection from her spouse.

Does Judge Young actually think that we should let abusive spouses of legal or illegal immigrants free reign to terrorise other immigrants? That’s atrocious.

*Assuming that this story is true. So far only the Maryville Daily Times has it. No transcript of the proceedings exists.

 UPDATE: See my latest post on this issue here.

~ by Gabriel Malor on September 12, 2007.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Ana’s story.

  2. Thought you all should know the story is not over.

    Judge Young subject of judicial conduct review
    By Rick Laney
    of The Daily Times Staff


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