Karl Rove, At It Again

House Democrats are still jumping at shadows cast by Karl Rove as they start their investigation into whether corrupt former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman was targeted for political reasons. Siegelman was convicted of bribery, conspiracy, and mail fraud in 2006 and sentenced to seven years and four months in prison.

Their star witness is a lawyer named Jill Simpson who will testify next week that she overheard one end of a phonecall that led her to believe that none other than Rove himself had a hand in ending Siegelman’s career.

The parties to the phonecall and other Department of Justice staff associated with the case have denied Simpson’s claims. The DoJ has also gotten into the act, refusing to give its casefiles to the Democrats’ investigation.

One thing is undisputed: Siegelman was a corrupt public official who got his day in court and lost. Democrats can’t say he was innocent; the best they’ve got now is to say that he wouldn’t have been caught if it weren’t for Republicans led by Karl Rove.


~ by Gabriel Malor on September 11, 2007.

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