Senator Specter Riffs on Craig

Senator Larry Craig plans to file a motion to withdraw his guilty plea tomorrow. I don’t think it will help his reelection chances and I’d prefer that he make way for a viable Republican to take his seat as soon as possible. Still, he has a right to make use of the legal system.

Defense attorney Jeralyn Merritt of Talkleft conjectures that Craig’s mail-in plea form was deficient because it did not advise Craig of his right to seek counsel. She has a copy of Craig’s plea form here (PDF) and in depth discussion of the legal requirement of advisement of counsel here.

Senator Specter takes the opportunity to make fun of a fellow Republican on national TV:

Specter said that when he learned the details of the arrest “I was convinced that he couldn’t be convicted if he fought the case.”Minnesota law is that a guilty plea may be withdrawn if it was not intelligently made “and what Sen. Craig did was by no means intelligent,” said Specter.


~ by Gabriel Malor on September 9, 2007.

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