Nifong Heckled on His Way to Jail

Ex-DA Mike Nifong reported to jail this morning to begin his 24 hour sentence. Amazingly, he had supporters outside the jail carrying signs which read “We believe in your integrity and goodness.” A small crowd of hecklers were also present, one of whom yelled “Justice works!”

Nifong will have a cell to himself because the sheriff is concerned about his safety. I suppose that’s a smart move for a man who still manages to stir enough feelings to actually have supporters and hecklers. Still, there must be something seriously wrong with folks who believe in the “integrity” of Mike Nifong.

Meanwhile, the three lacrosse players have offered settlement terms of $30 million with Durham. If the city doesn’t agree, they plan to file suit next week (or next month? — the article says both).


~ by Gabriel Malor on September 7, 2007.

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