You May Not Be Seeing “Path to 9/11” Any Time Soon…

The Emmy-nominated miniseries, which unflatteringly portrayed President Clinton’s role in the events prior to 9/11, is still not out for purchase. The mini’s writer traces the delay to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Nowrasteh, also one of the miniseries’ many producers, said he was told by a top executive at ABC Studios that “if Hillary weren’t running for president, this wouldn’t be a problem.”…

Initially, Nowrasteh was told by executives at ABC Studios that the miniseries would have a DVD release in January. Then, April. Then, this summer. Currently, Nowrasteh has not been notified of a specific release date for the DVD.

Surprisingly, Oliver Stone is getting into it, talking about “artists’ rights” and censorship. Rush Limbaugh has also apparently discussed the delayed DVD on his show.

I didn’t watch Path to 9/11, but just the fact that it is likely being censored makes me want to.

h/t RightwingSparkle


~ by Gabriel Malor on September 5, 2007.

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