Today is the Day

The jokes about Thompson announcing his announcement to announce his candidacy can end now. He’s got an ad out today which refers to him as “Fred Thompson, Republican for President.” Turn on FoxNews and you’ll probably see it or you can go here to watch the short commercial.

It encourages the viewer to go to (which clumsily re-directs to where, starting on Thursday, there will be a 15 minute video about Thompson:

The video, aides say, is part bio-pic, part conservative motivational film aimed at making the case that Thompson — who was swept into office in 1994 as part of the conservative revolt that year — has been fighting in the trenches for Republicans for decades.

Thompson will be on Jay Leno tonight after the debates in which he will not be participating.

I just realized I’m going to miss the debate and Leno to go see BB King. I’m sure Allahpundit will have the highlights.


~ by Gabriel Malor on September 5, 2007.

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