Combat Feeding Progress

Ace is usually keen to highlight military tech like lasers and chemical weapons that turn you gay. That stuff is never going to make it to the battlefield.

I’ve got something that will be deployed by the end of the year: the First Strike Ration. Yeah, it’s not as cool as the pain-ray and its name makes it sound like a threat of violence when it’s really not. Although, what name could we expect from a place called the “Combat Feeding Directorate?”

The idea is to keep soldiers better fed in the field. The army has noticed that soldiers tend to throw out some good bits when they field strip MREs. So they’ve put together a lighter package. It doesn’t sound bad at all (but what do I know; I didn’t eat the MREs when my bro wanted me “just to see what it’s like”):

Items included in the FSR include pocket sandwiches, First Strike energy bars, Zapplesauceā„¢-a carbohydrate-enhanced applesauce, high-energy drinks, pouches of tuna and chunk chicken, and caffeinated gum.

In the few places they’ve been sent, FSRs have been a big hit.


~ by Gabriel Malor on September 4, 2007.

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