Sunday Morning Papers: African Migrants, U.K. Crime Trends, and U.S. Election Trouble

The U.S. isn’t the only nation with immigrant issues in the south.
Southern Europe, especially Spain and Italy, has had to deal with people fleeing Africa for decades. They attempt to cross the Mediterranean because of war and persecution. Those that survive the crossing (many don’t) then have to be dealt with by European nations increasingly worried about terrorism and unemployment among the mostly unskilled migrants. These nations have been attempting to cut down on this type of thing and it seems to be working, although the article does quote one U.N. “assistant high commissioner” who draws the opposite conclusion; she fatuously claims that disincentives to migrancy are obviously not working since people are still coming.

Violent crime has apparently doubled in the U.K. in the last ten years.
While it includes the stats for all violent crime in the U.K., the article spends most of its time discussing ways of preventing crime among youths, implicitly assigning blame for violence to young people. No mention is made of 1997’s ban on handguns.

DNC will take away Florida’s convention delegates unless it agrees to push back its primary election date.
Florida has 30 days to push back its primary contest by a week or the DNC will refuse to accredit Florida’s delegates to the party’s nominating convention next summer. Florida will cave, of course, but I almost wish it wouldn’t. This situation raises some very interesting legal questions: because of the quasi-governmental action performed by the DNC when it comes to selecting candidates for election, it is likely illegal for the DNC to strip Florida of its chance to vote in the convention.


~ by Gabriel Malor on August 26, 2007.

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