Chertoff for Attorney General?

Here’s a rumor that I hope isn’t true. Michael Chertoff has been a spectacular failure as head of DHS. I can’t imagine he’ll be any better as Attorney General.

Setting aside his pre-DHS role formulating early Administration war policy–policy that was easily predicted to be slapped down by the Supreme Court and which was at least three times for falling seriously short of complying with domestic and international law–he has consistently championed President Bush’s pro-amnesty efforts while simultaneously cracking down on those immigrants who most deserve a little lee-way (LPRs and refugees).

The (mis)administration of federal Hurricane Katrina relief has also been his responsibility.

More than that, he’s shown a dangerously thin skin for such a high-profile cabinet member, often chastising critics and even getting into a spat with a Congressman.

Just for fun go here to read what Michelle thought of Chertoff before he became DHS secretary; she approved of the guy (and so did the Senate, unanimously). Her latest piece blasting him is here.

[Yes I know I over-linked Michelle’s site in this post. I’m using a borrowed laptop (from the library; who knew that libraries lent laptops?) and so I don’t have the same right-at-my-fingertips tools and links and such.]

~ by Gabriel Malor on August 26, 2007.

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