Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, …

I may be unable to get the All About International Law post (or any other, for that matter) up on Monday, like I said I would. My computer will not turn on. I push the button and it stares at me. I hold the button down and it stares at me. (And I will personally hunt down and skin the first of you morons to tell me to plug it in or change the battery. Punks.)

 Those of you who, like me, depend on your computer for work, school, and leisure can imagine the amount of panic I’m in right now. All of my work is done on the computer these days and like most law students I take in-class notes on it, too. I need to get this sorted out quickly and that may be taking up my time; time which I would otherwise have devoted to posts on international law, for instance.

 There have been signs that this type of problem was on the way and I’ve been ignoring them. My bad. I did manage to get it turned on once and move the most crucial documents, including the Law Lesson post below, over to my iPod (which has been doing more work as a portable harddrive than as a music player lately). And, no, I can’t just leave it on all the time. I need it to be portable; that’s the point of having a laptop.

 Finally, it’s my birthday today. Wish me a good one.


~ by Gabriel Malor on August 24, 2007.

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